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What is Sand Etching?

Our method of personalisation is known as sand etching or sandblast etching which is where we direct a fine grit or sand at a substrate to be personalised under a high pressure which then etches the item it hits creating a permanent marking for all time. The sand blast etching technique requires a lot of hands on crafting with a lot of the success of failure of a piece being down to the skill of the engraver.

These days time has moved on and laser and machine engraving are on the rise, however, you will never be able to compare a sand etched glass against a machine or laser engraved piece and see a better quality finish than sand etching ever..!  a good analogy would be microwave cooking vs real oven cooking. faster gets the job done but it won't beat the taste of a slow cooked and freshly baked pie. It requires less skill, less time and less cost to produce laser or machine engraved products but the sacrifice is in the quality of the end result which in most cases is nowhere near our beautiful satin etched finish.

If you are going to go to the lengths of putting thought and effort into purchasing a special personalised gift, we recommend using us to ensure the finished product gives the impression you want of quality, that is immediately evident when the gift or award recipient opens their item!